Every minute was extraordinary. The romance of travel isn't always evident as you're experiencing it, but Colombia is designed to be explored at ground level. Bisecting the Andes, every twist and shout in the road revealed a vista more beautiful than the last.

Telegraph Magazine

Verdant, verdurous, viridescent. Enshrouded in the resplendent, luscious cloak of Mother Nature at her most fertile, I become entangled in adjectives, wrestling with the inadequacies of language to sum up the majesty of the jungle; becoming bamboozled by bamboo forests and dumbstruck by the silent splendour of wax palms that bristle heavenward in the cornucopian Coffee Region.

National Geographic Traveller

The next day is one of the most perfect and peaceful of my life. At Cayo Cangrejo, a pimple of a key ringed by coral, we swim through tiny shoals of green, parrot, doctor and goat fish, and past a massive barracuda, his jaw hanging open as he drifts motionless, a ducking green turtle and a manta ray.

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