Watch this place: Tri, Sri Lanka – opening 12 December 2015

View from lake (1)

BIRD has been busy building the buzz around soon-to-open Tri. As Sri Lanka’s first truly contemporary, sustainable design hotel it’s sure to set tongues a wagging as it takes the country’s evolving hotel scene by storm.

The eleven-suite hotel is located 25 minutes from Galle on an island promontory flanking the serene shores of Lake Koggala – the largest lake in Sri Lanka.

The brainchild of British owner, Rob Drummond and award-winning architect Raefer Wallis of A00 Architects (who famously created China’s first carbon neutral hotel), Tri signifies intelligent luxury, unwavering sustainability and inspirational design.

  Suites Exterior (1)

In conceiving the hotel, Rob and Raefer were greatly inspired by nature.  They were guided by its organic ‘golden ratio’ master plan and the spiral ‘map’ of the Fibonacci Sequence .  For those that don’t know, this ‘golden ratio’ or the ‘divine proportion’ is found throughout the natural world; in the spiral-shape of a leaf, in the pattern of petal growth and in the curling and unfurling of blooms.   It is believed to be the most aesthetically pleasing proportion by artists and architects the world over and used by the likes of Salvador Dalí and Le Corbusier to instruct many of their works.

Tri Sri Lanka spiral design1

As we well know, a video paints (more than) a thousand words and thankfully BIRD of Mouth has the below gem to help tell Tri’s story. It’s a good illustration of the site’s elevated position and the jewel-shaped mound of natural beauty on which it sits. It demonstrates Tri’s geometric swirl, spiral formation and seamless integration into the tropical surroundings. With a quick watch, viewers can see how living walls, green roofs, and use of local materials will merge with private pools, decks, terraces, spa and a treetop yogashala to form a luxury hotel which honours nature and co-exists with the landscape.

Tri is a living, energising hotel, evolved by aesthete individuals and with sustainable practice at its core.

Doors will open officially on 12 December 2015.

You can find Tri on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.