It’s a Pug’s Life

Ugh, January. The cold, the early starts, party season over and resolutions already slipping. It never fails to put a frown on your face. Our latest employee, however, is having a hugely exciting month – starting her first PR internship. Read on for a day in the life of Oats, BIRD’s newest recruit…


I don’t know what these humans complain about. Early starts? Pah. I’m very much an early bird at heart. Today I woke up at 5am and ran around in circles for a while, before doing some relaxing yoga (downward dog is my favourite) and setting out into the dark for a bracing walk. The PR humans all seem very into wellness. I think I’m a perfect fit.


 My working day started with a breakfast meeting. The PR humans were all drinking matcha lattes and eating avocado on toast. I stuck to my trusty chicken and rice, none of that green stuff for me. I always demolish my breakfast in 20 seconds flat, but the humans lingered for AGES chatting about Peru, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. I don’t know where they are. My favourite place is Barking.


We took the tube into the office. I love the tube! I always make so many friends.

We had a team meeting to go through our to-do lists for the week ahead. My to-do list is mostly naps (they’re very important). I had my own chair. I think that means I’m the boss now.


Everyone was very busy, with lots of press releases to write and emails to send. I left that to the humans, though, because I was busy napping and barking at the doorbell.


At lunchtime, I went for a wander along Portobello road. The market was on, so it was very busy! I made even more friends. I guess you could say I’m a pretty popular pup (I think it’s my sparkling conversation. Or my fur).


The afternoon was all about immersing myself in the media. I read Conde Nast Traveller, Harper’s BAZAAR, Tatler, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet Traveller and more. Well, I say read… it was more of a nap. I napped next to the magazines.


Networking is a pretty vital part of my role, so I get to attend some very glitzy events. Today it was the Mr and Mrs Smith awards. We all got dressed up – I even brushed my fur. At the awards, the humans spent a lot of time clapping, sipping on bubbles and munching on canapes. I was mostly begging for nibbles. I made lots of friends though. I think I’m quite good at PR, really.

Home time! After a long journey home (on the tube! I love the tube!), I tucked into a hearty dinner of chicken and rice (again). I supervised my humans for a while, did a few more downward dogs and meditated on my intentions for tomorrow (napping and making friends, mostly), before a good long sleep.


It’s a tiring life, this PR lark.