National Spa Week: Alternative Wellness Treatments

Next Monday 16th September marks the start of National Spa Week, and here at BIRD, we admit that we’re prone to indulge in the occasional pamper to help us unwind and allocate that all-important “me time” away from our digitally influenced lives.

As well as enjoying a traditional deep tissue massage or rejuvenating facial, we also love to try quirkier wellness treatments, of which there are plenty on offer within our portfolio of hotels around the globe. Have a browse of our top 5 alternative treatments, your next spa retreat may be within them…

Pink Himalayan salt has been a popular buzzword for some time, most notably as the perfect seasoning for many dishes. But have you ever considered it as part of a beauty treatment? The spa at SALT of Palmar is the only one in the Indian Ocean to offer guests Halotherapy; a non-invasive, drug-free, natural experience where guests breathe in the benefits of Himalayan pink salt particles, proven to promote deeper breathing, healthier skin and sounder sleep. It’s a mineral miracle. If that’s not enough, the salt walls glow with the changing colours of pink to blue to purple to further calm the mind and body. You’ll definitely look twice at the Pink Himalayan Salt jar next time you are in your local health foods store.

Credit: SALT

Okay, we know we just said we were interested in alternative treatments instead of the standard massage, but let’s face it – nothing in this private Kenyan hideaway is “standard”. The massage offering here incorporates age-old medicinal techniques from the local Samburu and Masai communities, which have been passed through generations. Using a variety of plant-based infusions and healing practices, guests will benefit from muscle tension relief and overall body and soul rejuvenation. Another soulful remedy for guests to indulge in is a Detox Foot Soak using African wild olive bark, local rosemary and local Epsom salt to cleanse the soles of the feet and improve circulation, ready for another action-packed day of Safari.  

Credit: Crookes

For a spa experience that lasts long after your holiday glow has faded, head to Badrutt’s Palace in the heart of St. Moritz. Having partnered with French brand Biologique Recherche, the hotel offers guests a unique treatment; using the latest techniques and apparatus to measure the skin’s elasticity, hydration, sebum and pigmentation levels, the guest’s individual are then sent over to the HQ labs in Paris to be expertly analyzed – sounds fancy right? – following which two personalized creams, eight serums and detailed application instructions are sent directly to the guest’s home to be used over the course of a month. Definitely a level up from the standard facial!

Credit: Badrutt’s Palace

Daydreaming about the comforting and stimulating effects of a day spent at an exquisite spa? Us too. Located in the rolling Surrey hills, the Coach House Spa at Beaverbrook is a true oasis, with majestic stained glass, ceramic tiles, handrails and rills by the talented Brian Clarke, guests are treated to a spoiling experience for all the senses here. In particular, the 5-hour optimal movement treatment will gently re-align your body’s core support system; guests begin this lengthy treatment with a strengthening and assessment session with the in-house personal trainer (that is more enjoyable than it sounds promise), followed by time spent drifting in the thermal spa and finishing off with an invigorating body scrub. With it located just 40 minutes from London, what are you waiting for?

Credit: Beaverbrook

It is undeniable that we all feel our best selves when near the coast, with our mind and body rejuvenated by the salty, warm sea air. The Thalasso Spa at the Marbella Club is a place of peace and holistic wellbeing that harnesses the profound benefits of the Mediterranean Sea and surroundings, promoting health, vitality and wellbeing. As part of the treatment offering at the Thalasso Spa, the wellness team provide personalised consultations and guidance designed to suit your specific needs. Via the state-of-the-art energetic testing device, Qest, information is gathered on weaknesses in the organ systems, nutritional needs and food preferences, which results in a detailed report with long-lasting lifestyle and nutritional advice that serves as a valuable toolkit long after you’ve returned home. We SEA-riously need a bit more of this in our daily lives.

Credit: Marbella Club