LUX* Grand Baie launches new mindful wellness programmes tailored to your energy and inspired by the elements

Newly opened Mauritian hideaway LUX* Grand Baie, from LUX* Resorts & Hotels, has paired cutting-edge technology with ancient techniques to launch their first three-, five- and seven-day mindful wellness programmes. Inspired by the elements, the Grounding with Nature, Embracing Change Becoming Flow and Effortless Balance programmes aim to match your energy to air, fire and earth, to nourish the needs of the body and mind.  

The programmes will begin with a one-on-one session with the LUX* Grand Baie spa team to establish long term wellness goals to kickstart their holistic journey to renewal. While each programme will be tweaked and tailored to individual needs, each will combine specialised heart and mindfulness activities, relaxing spa treatments, and breath workshops to restore and reform. A resident wellness specialist will also be on hand to empower those seeking nutritional guidance to adjust their choice of meal base on what’s available at the resort’s restaurants and beach club.  

LUX* Me Wellness House, is the hub of harmony where programmes take place, featuring biophilic design for connection to the natural environment. The space is modernist and boasts the Indian Ocean’s first-ever outdoor rooftop fitness area including a group cycling studio and running tracks, as well as Niyama studio for daily yoga and meditation.

Grounding with Nature

Element match: Air

Those feeling fatigued, stressed, and burnt out can regain calm with the Grounding with Nature programme. This aims to harmonise chakras and regulate the body with air inspired treatments designed to activate the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. In turn, the journey helps guests come back to a state of grounded awareness. The spa bed complete with heated sand of spherical mineral quartz further aids anxiety relief and prepare guests for a deep night’s sleep.

Rates: The Grounding with Nature Programme starts from £685 per person for a three-day programme excluding accommodation.

Embracing Change, Becoming Flow

Element match: Fire

The Embracing Change Becoming Flow programme seeks to soothe the ‘fire’ energy in the centre part of the body to calm the nervous system and relieve tension to bring a sense of inner peace. The journey combines bodywork to improve blood circulation, deep back massages and Turkish Hamman experiences, along with daily meditation.

Rates: The Embracing Change Becoming Flow Programme starts from £719 per person for a three-day programme excluding accommodation.

Effortless Balance

Element match: Earth

The Effortless Balance programme will leave guests with a renewed sense of energy combining invigorating body wraps which use natural, earthy ingredients, with glow facials and pressure point stimulation techniques to detox the body.

Rates: The Effortless Balance Programme starts from £635 per person for a three-day programme excluding accommodation

All programmes will include:

  • Lifestyle and mind-body consultation
  • 1 x 45-minute hammam bathing ritual
  • 1 x 60-minute movement session
  • 1 x 30-minute breath awareness session
  • 1 x mind-body nutrition workshop
  • Access to all complimentary daily wellness classes and workshops
  • Access to the Bath Journey hydrothermal hot & cold wet facilities, including steam, sauna, laconium, Kneipp baths, ice rocks, and multi-sensory shower
  • experiences
  • Access to Muscle Up on the Roof training spaces
  • Use of non-motorised water sport equipment
  • 1 therapeutic Block Buddy
  •  A wellness gift pack

To book: Room rates at LUX* Grand Baie start from £400 based on double occupancy on a B&B basis.