Soneva x WGSN launch: The Future Travellers White Paper

Soneva, pioneers in sustainable luxury resorts since 1995, have collaborated with WGSN, the world’s leading trend forecaster, to examine the key trends that will shape the future of luxury travellers.

WGSN scoured the globe, canvassing industry experts for crucial insights, analysing cross-industry data and using their worldwide network to track socio-cultural global shifts that will impact and disrupt the luxury travel market in the years to come. The resulting report offers a fascinating insight into our shifting priorities and how they will be met by the industry in the coming years. 

Socially responsible experiences take priority as we travel less but wiser, seeking meaningful engagement over simply sybaritic pleasure. With a focus on nature, the pursuit of awe and self-prioritisation, future travellers will enjoy integrating modern and ancient rituals, may pursue intentional living and be open to soul science – spirituality acting as medicine. Travel, as a chance to make profound human connections, take stock and gain wisdom, will emerge as a potent counterbalance to our always-on, overstimulated lives. Crucially, impact will matter more than ever. Future travellers will demand not only sustainability but regenerative travel that leaves a positive legacy. 

Revealing these changing priorities helped WGSN to profile five future travellers:  The New Romantics, fuelled by a deep need to reconnect with nature, with themselves, and with the shared human experience. The Epicurean Adventurers, are driven by a curiosity for new flavours, innovation, and the authentic cuisine of different cultures. The Global Citizens, an affluent evolution of digital nomads, are equipped with the technology, desire, and resources to establish family life in multiple locations across the globe. The Wisdom Seekers, in pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, emotional recalibration, and transformative wellness experiences; and finally, TheVirtuous Voyagers, cultural custodians whose objective is to leave a positive, regenerative legacy.

In response to the report, Sonu Shivdasani OBE, Soneva’s founder, and CEO, said, “At Soneva our interpretation of luxury has always been that of time, space and peace. We see ourselves as simply guardians of the pristine natural environments where we operate, treading lightly on our precious ecosystems and empowering both local and global environmental and community efforts. This report reaffirms our SLOW LIFE ethos, which is our moral compass as well as our operating compass.”

The WGSN Future Travellers white paper is available to download.

For a 20-minute synopsis listen to this podcast interview between WGSN CEO, Carla Buzasi, and Soneva Founder and Guardian of Culture, Sonu Shivdasani.

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