Here at BIRD HQ, Sri Lanka has always held a very special place in our heart, and so we’re delighted to see that our friends at Resplendent Ceylon have spearheaded the creation of the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance and lovesrilanka.org. Together with a group of local hoteliers, they have created a digital community where lovers of Sri Lanka can come together to show support for the country and follow updates on the island’s revival following last month’s heart-breaking attacks.

Tourism is the largest employer in Sri Lanka, supporting one in ten families. The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is here to cut through the noise and make sure that the news coming out of Sri Lanka is honest and from credible sources, providing tourists with security updates and advice.

A spokesperson for the brand says “The most critical aspect at moments like this is to ensure that the real situation on the ground regarding the tourism sector is not lost amid media, political and incident-specific reporting. This is important for the communities that rely on the sector, the industry stakeholders and more importantly, the tourists themselves.”

Through our work with Resplendent Ceylon, we’ve experienced first-hand the kindness and humbling generosity of the people of Sri Lanka – irrespective of race or religion – and they have well earned the peace experienced over the past ten years. We’re inspired to see those from all over the country come together, and with their tenacity and determination, work towards a bright future for a country that so wholly deserves it.

If you would like to share your support with the campaign then please connect on social media @srilankatourismalliance and tag your posts #LoveSriLanka