A grand night sleep: a new sleep retreat in the Swiss peaks

We all know that feeling of endless tossing and turning in bed with a million thoughts whizzing through our mind and the inevitable sluggish feeling the next morning…if this sounds familiar then it might be worth heading to the brand new sleep retreat in the Swiss Alps where they have just the cure.

This summer get ready to experience the most serene sleep of your life when Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad and British wellness partner Bamford host an overnight ‘B Silent Sleep Retreat’ in partnership with world-leading Sophrology expert, Dominique Antiglio. For those who don’t know, Sophrology (also called ‘dynamic relaxation’) is a blend of Eastern philosophy and Western science that involves a unique combination of breathing, relaxation, gentle movement, and visualisation techniques to calm your mind and ground your body. Tucked away in the Swiss Alps you will be equipped with the tools required to de-clutter your mind and allow your body to gently drift off into a calming slumber (we feel sleepy already).

Your sleep can make or break your day. That’s why sleep tracking apps have recently soared in popularity and with research showing that 1 in 3 adults in the UK now sleep for just five-to-six hours per night which is notably less than the seven-to-eight hours needed to feel physically and mentally restored – it’s clearly a societal issue that we could all use a little help with.

The programme will kick off with a guided yoga session at the hotel’s dedicated wellness deck followed by a Sophrology workshop with best-selling author and world-leading Sophrologist, Dominique Antiglio. In the late afternoon, you will retreat to Le Grand Spa to experience Bamford’s B Silent Treatment which is devoted to relaxing the body and preparing for a sound, restful sleep. The treatment employs unique mixtures and methods such as cannabis sativa oils; Japanese shiatsu rocking technique; and a pressure point massage that will replenish serotonin levels that deplete through chronic stress and affect our ability to sleep.

And of course not forgetting the grand finale – after a light and nourishing dinner at LEONARD’s you will retreat to your bedrooms to find a beautiful bundle at your bedside brimming with B Silent temple balm, organic infusion tea, pillow mist, and temple oil to apply before sinking into a sumptuous bed.

To book: The ‘B Silent Sleep Retreat’ at Le Grand Bellevue will take place on Sunday 30 June and Sunday 29 September. It is priced at CHF 690 (£535) including an overnight stay in a chic room, guided yoga session, expert-led workshop with Dominique Antiglio, head massage, B Silent sleep treatment and product box.

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