Eat Green: SALT of Palmar’s Conscious Cook Series

Locavore | NOUN | One whose diet consists principally or only of locally grown or produced food.

OK, so it might not be a term that’s made it to the mainstream dietary requirement list quite yet, but with plant-based foods seeing a 68% rise in the last five years and us consumers more conscious than ever of where our food comes from, it’s certainly one we’re bound to hear a lot more of in the years to come.

Much-loved progressive boutique hotel SALT of Palmar has always been incredibly passionate about championing local suppliers and celebrating traditional Mauritian flavours and produce. New for 2020, this year the hotel has launched a Conscious Cook series, which will see eco-conscious chefs take up residency at the hotel, offering guests the chance to taste the very best of Mauritian cuisine whilst learning some of their tips and tricks on how to make their kitchens greener than ever.

Credit: Ruby Bhogal, SALT of Palmar & Alexandra Dudley

Kicking off the series is Alexandra Dudley who this week hosted a zero-waste cocktails and canapes workshop for SALT guests. Using leftover ingredients such as carrot and orange peelings paired with local spirits, Alexandra taught us how to really impress guests with an eco-savvy twist on classic pre-dinner tipples.

With appetites whetted, Alexandra also shared two bound-to-impress canape recipes using seasonal ingredients from the nearby community gardens. Learning how to create fresh peanut and sesame slaw cups with coconut, and sourdough crostini with a zingy fruit salsa, guests can now bring a vibrant Mauritian flair to every dinner party they host.

Credit: SALT of Palmar

In March, British Bake-Off finalist, Ruby Bhogal will bring her exotic flair and Indian-influenced baking to the hotel. On 25th March, Ruby and SALT guests will cycle down to the local market to collect fresh ingredients, before heading back to the kitchen to rustle up a feast that celebrates Ruby’s heritage and the heavy Indian influence on Mauritian cooking. An intimate supper club will allow guests to taste the fruits of their labour, share stories of their time in Mauritius and pick Ruby’s brain on sustainable cooking.

But that isn’t all! One of our favourite sweet spots at SALT of Palmar is the bakery, home to tempting bread and pastries straight from the oven. On 27th March, Ruby will takeover SALT’s bakery, producing delicious pastries for guests to sample at breakfast, and that will be re-created by resident chefs over the course of a week through her very own pop up menu.

The SALT Bakery. Credit: Richard Lee Massey

SALT’s guest chef series is yet another way in which this resort is intertwining its guests with a progressive food culture and local community, and we couldn’t think of a better start to 2020.  

Stay tuned for more additions to SALT of Palmar’s Conscious Cook series to come!