Grande-dame extraordinaire Badrutt’s Palace takes to the skies

Badrutt’s Palace has always been ahead of the curve in Alpine innovation, and this winter it’s not holding back on the luxury. This Valentine’s weekend, the Badrutt’s branded 30-seater Dornier 328 jet will soar from London’s Biggin Hill Airport to Samedam St. Moritz. Don’t fret, it’s carbon neutral!

Credit: Filip Zuan

The cabin crew will be joined by legendary Badrutt’s Palace staff, with delicious food supplied by the Palace’s celeb chef partner, Jason Atherton of King’s Social House, not a stale cheese airplane sandwich in sight! The 1 hour 45-minute flight marks exactly 100-years (a whole century) after Swiss pilot and aviation pioneer Alfred Comte completed the first ever flight from Switzerland to London taking off from the iconic frozen lake opposite the hotel. We love an anniversary here at the BIRD’s nest.

Perfectly timed for those with little ones looking to escape our small British island for half term, flights will leave from London to St. Moritz on the 15th and 16th of February, with return flights leaving Samedan on the 22nd and 23rd of February respectively. If all runs smoothly, the hotel will hopefully (fingers crossed) begin to offer more direct flights from key destinations during busy times, extending the indulgent experience to not only guests of the hotel but also travellers visiting the wider Engadin region.

 Gone are the days of day before check-in and long airport waits, the Palace in the Air flight allows check in up-to 45 minutes before take-off. This and the short flight time make this a seamless experience for those looking to eliminate many of the stresses of travelling to the iconic Swiss resort.

To keep up with the ever important and increasing demand for sustainability, the new flights will operate as carbon neutral, with emissions being offset by investing in a range of global reduction projects. Think rain forest protection and reforestation, yes please!