Pioneers of holistic wellness, Kamalaya, appoints BIRD as UK communications partner

BIRD is delighted to announce its partnership with multi-award-winning holistic wellness sanctuary, Kamalaya, commencing this month.  Located on the southern coast of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, Kamalaya remains an expression of its visionary founders, John and Karina Stewart, who have been quietly trailblazing to create a destination which facilitates journeys to promote self-discovery and transformation. Inspired by the 16 years John spent devoted to spiritual studies in a Himalayan community and Karina’s 22 years practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kamalaya harnesses ancient Eastern healing with Western medical research and the powers of nature and local tradition.

New for 2023: Integrative Healing

Kamalaya’s integral approach to wellness is grounded in bringing together the depth of eastern medical traditions with scientific research from the west.  As a result, January 2023 will see Kamalaya introduce a series of new treatments to support integrative healing, which will enhance the benefits of its existing wellness programmes. This will include IV vitamin infusions, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and high sensitivity cancer screening in its new Longevity House:

  • Functional Testing – for UK travellers, Kamalaya has partnered with London-based vitality clinic Paar, to offer bespoke functional testing assessments prior to departure. Assessments can evaluate skin DNA, food intolerances, mineral balance, toxicity, microbiome and gut health. Tests for sleep, nutritional and fitness traits are offered while genetic testing for predisposition to diseases, epigenetic and biological age testing are also available. Personalised test results reveal valuable insights into the health requirements of guests to allow Kamalaya’s practitioners to customise programmes to meet the needs of each individual and reverse any imbalances identified.
  • IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy – a comprehensive menu of research-based results-oriented IV infusions to support acute health conditions and improve health, performance and longevity.  Tailored to address a range of specific health outcomes, these powerful formulas are enriched with nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are delivered directly into the body for maximum absorption. Each infusion may be personalised for each guest. 
  • Ozone Therapy – restoring balance to combat infections  [CG1] while boosting immunity, Ozone therapy carries a higher percentage of oxygen to areas in the body that require healing and support including chronic conditions and ageing. Blood is drawn and mixed with medical grade ozone[CG2] (O3), then re-infused, thus delivering a higher grade of oxygen throughout the body. 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – performed in a high air pressure hyperbaric chamber which delivers more oxygen to the lungs and microcapillaries, this therapy aids the body in fighting bacteria, and stimulates stem cells along with other growth factors. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase the rate of healing up to three times faster, promote anti-ageing, mental performance, and wellbeing.
  • High Sensitivity Preventive Cancer Screening – through a simple blood test and valuable insights gained from the results, Kamalaya’s practitioners will recommend customised treatments and therapies or curate a personalised programme as per the guest’s health and wellbeing requirements in support of their journey to lifelong wellness.