The Arula Chalets, one of the most exclusive chalet offerings in the Alps, announces new bespoke wellness retreats for private groups

An epitome of alpine luxury, The Arula Chalets is one of the most exclusive chalet offerings in the Alps with world-class service, and new for the season, private groups of up to eight are invited to craft their very own wellness retreat for a summer sojourn. Meticulously designed to rejuvenate, you can create a bespoke synergy of yoga, breathwork, sound healing and aromatherapy for a soul-nourishing journey against the idyllic backdrop of Lech, Austria.  

With a focus on holistic wellbeing and healing, bespoke retreats at The Arula Chalets will be expertly curated by practitioners Anna Kanonier and Marina Vovk, using the ancient tradition of ayurveda for a highly personalised experience, drawing on the five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and ether, and the three doshas, or energy types: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Each retreat will start with an intention setting fire ceremony, a powerful and transformative ritual to renew, purify and cleanse, and nurture personal growth over the days to come.  

Mountain-top energising yoga is combined with Pranyama breathwork to foster physical strength and mind to body alignment, while affording far-reaching views across the emerald green of summertime pastures. Sound healing, a practice dating back 40,000 years, encourages you to reach a deeply restorative state through tonal vibrations to reduce cortisol levels, activate inner self-healing and release stagnant energy, while synonymous with ayurveda, aromatherapy sets to harmonise the three doshas through essential oils to protect vitality, regulate digestion and metabolism, and enhance emotional health. For a closer look at the mind-body state, you will work closely with Marina for a tailored oil pairing and cycle analysis, hand selecting two to five oils that can be used long after they’ve returned home.  

Working in tandem with the Head Chef, culinary creations are steeped in adaptogens and superfoods to support longevity and immunity, while in-chalet spa and wellness facilities include indoor swimming pool, Finnish sauna, steam bath, hot tub and relaxation areas complete with Himalayan salt walls and water beds, as well as sumptuous treatment rooms where hot stone, deep tissue massages and Augustinus Bader signature facials await at the nourishing hands of the resident spa therapist. 

With a 350km network of trails, Lech has deservedly been hailed as one of the most versatile summer regions in the Alps, from leisurely 9km hikes to six-hour challenging summits and refreshing wild swims in natural springs.