Sister act: creative duo Donna Nencia Bolza and Donna Fiona Corsini San Guiliano debut Reschio’s highly-anticipated inaugural wellness retreat, Yogherello

Celebrated for its exquisite design, jovial spirit and verdant surroundings, Reschio Estate is an Umbrian sanctuary developed under the creative vision of architect Count Benedikt Bolza and his artist wife Donna Nencia. New for this year, Reschio will launch Yogherello, a wholly unique experience for body and soul, interweaving the art of yoga with acquerello or watercolours, with the first retreat set to take place 18th – 22nd November 2024.

A soulful sojourn, Yogherello will be expertly curated by acquerellista Donna Fiona Corsini San Guiliano, identical twin sister to Donna Nencia Bolza, and yoga practitioner Jan Warakomski, promising a nurturing journey of growth against the idyllic backdrop of Reschio. Marking the dawn, a welcome circle invites you to set intentions for the days to come and initiate an open mind for self-exploration and healing.

Mornings at Reschio will allow you to take to the mat, overlooking the estate’s vast lake for a serene setting of splendour and solace. Derived from the Sanskrit words meaning ‘sun’ (ha) and ‘moon’ (tha), hatha yoga symbolises a union of opposites. Harmonising the body and mind through gentle asanas and pranayama breathwork, you will be guided through intuitive movement and mindfulness, honouring self-listening to foster emerging creativity for the afternoons ahead.

The magic of blending natural pigment with water is a fine art form dating back over 6,000 years, long hailed for its intrinsic therapeutic and cathartic manner. Under the watchful eye of Donna Fiona, a renowned Florentine artist, you can delve into the enchanting world of acquerello as they learn age-old techniques; release inner expression and enhance clarity, while drawing inspiration from the Estate’s bountiful wilderness. Come evening, candle-lit restorative yin yoga, influenced by the Taoism philosophy of ‘Yin’, stillness, and ‘Yang’, strength, awaits in Reschio’s ethereal San Michele Church, encouraging introspection and supporting emotional wellbeing.

Nourished by Reschio’s field-to-fork restaurants, as a guest of Yogherello you will be spoilt with delectable dishes, courtesy of the Estate’s biodynamic approach to farming. Elsewhere, downtime can be whiled away in the subterranean Bathhouse, an otherworldly refuge in the depths of the millennia-old castle’s ancient wine cellar where bespoke treatments celebrate connection with nature. Take a wild hack or a private lesson at the Equestrian Centre and come evening, enjoy performances to learn more of Reschio’s Spanish purebred horses. The 3,700-acre pastoral estate can also be explored by foot or bicycle.