He organises “transformational journeys for personal growth” for individuals who want “to focus on becoming the best versions of themselves, fulfilling their potential, recalibrating and resetting the way they think about themselves.

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The next day I am up before dawn and in running gear for my own physical test. As I jog into the mist I am flanked by Mackay-Lewis and Morrison. The run reaches an icy river, a deep one this time, and I am expected to swim. “Go slowly,” Morrison explains from behind. I don’t. I jump in, eager to do it properly, and rear up for breath, an iron bar of cold across my chest. It is horrible. But afterwards I feel vividly, tremendously alive.

The Sunday Times Magazine

Our programmes shape and drive clients' self-development, to find lasting, authentic motivation, create a framework for the life they want, and kick-start a journey of self-discovery that will deliver the best version of themselves.