The diverse birdlife of Santa Cruz can also be observed at the Finch Bay Eco Hotel. Guests share the open-air bar with Galapagos mockingbirds hunting tiny geckos, and the pool with a family of white-cheeked pintail ducks.

Lonely Planet Traveller

A secluded eco-hotel accessible only by boat, [the Finch Bay] sits outside Puerto Ayora and overlooks a small, sandy beach surrounded by mangroves , which chirp with the sound of finches and from which the hotel takes its name.

National Geographic Traveller

Guests can explore the island independently, organise a scuba dive or two, or take a day excursion to one of the central islands... Even if they choose to decompress and simply relax by the pool, they'll have to share it with a feathered friend or two - blue herons turn up regularly to bathe.