Melinda Stevens

Editor — Condé Nast Traveller

It’s always such a relief to work with Daisy in any capacity. She works fast, effectively and knows what journalists want – without any of the usual guff. She is charming, switched on and connected. Well respected within the industry and straight-talking, she utterly stands out from the crowd. A true star.

Alice BB

Contributing Editor — Vanity Fair

The brilliant thing about Daisy and her team is that they think like journalists. So I look forward to every meeting, knowing I’ll come away with far-flung destinations filling my mind, wanderlust in my heart and a notepad exploding with ideas. More than the meetings – I look forward to the actual journeys; always efficient, interesting, high-end and a blast of fun. Daisy has become a good friend. I trust her – because unlike many PRs I feel that Daisy chooses her clients – they don’t choose her.

Francisca Kellett

Travel Editor — TATLER

Daisy is a rare creature in the PR world. She is deeply knowledgeable, well connected and intelligent – with a brilliant sense of humour – but what makes her particularly rare is that she properly understands the media. She gets what stories I want and never, ever suggests something that wouldn’t work for Tatler. She is always delightful and full of clever ideas. She never hassles, is never intrusive, but is always at the end of the line when I have a question. And no matter what far reaches of the planet she might be in, she still seems to somehow get back to me in record time. In short, she’s an absolute pro – rare indeed.

Charlotte Sinclair

Contributing Editor — Vogue

Not only has BIRD become known for having the clients that all journalists are looking to write about – one-off, individually-owned, fully authored, authentic spots in interesting, developing, story-worthy destinations – but they are a pleasure to deal with, anticipating exactly what a story requires to make it sing. Theirs are the emails I always want to receive and the clients I always want to work with – mostly because if Daisy has taken on a brand, it is an immediate indicator of quality. She does not do ‘filler’ or guff. Her take is always clear, direct and truthful. Which for a busy journalist receiving dozens of press releases about the latest and not always greatest is a total godsend.  In a few short years of opening her business, Daisy has gained a reputation as one of the best in the industry. She is honest, well informed and a complete gem to work with.

Anna Hart

Travel Editor — STYLIST

BIRD is a dream PR team to work with. They have carefully curated a varied but invariably excellent portfolio of clients, and therefore editors are always confident they are coming to us with a genuinely exciting prospect. BIRD press trips have an industry-wide reputation for being thoughtfully planned, slickly produced and genuinely enjoyable affairs. I honestly can’t think of a travel PR who beats BIRD when it comes to their passion for securing clients the coverage they deserve, insider knowledge of their destinations, and great skill in pulling off ambitious, unforgettable, exemplary press trips time and time again.

Susan D’Arcy

Contributing Editor — The Sunday Times

Daisy is one of the (sadly all too few) PRs who reads a brief, understands it and actually addresses it rather than heading off on a time-wasting tangent. Her and her team often makes intelligent suggestions about possible story development. I also particularly appreciate their sophisticated attitude towards the editorial process, which makes them much easier to work with than many of their fellow PRs. They have their finger on the pulse for inspiring stories and emerging destinations and have proved invaluable for past editorials. They’re professional but good fun too and I enjoy working with them.

Lisa Grainger

Deputy Editor - Telegraph Ultratravel

I have worked closely with Daisy and her team for years and found them utterly professional to work with. Always on the ball: suggesting relevant story angles, providing me with information, arranging access to their clients and hosting immaculately organized press trips. I would recommend them as one of the most on-the-ball PR agencies in the industry.

Jasmine Hemsley

Co-Founder Hemsley & Hemsley and Author of The Art of Eating Well

We were introduced to Daisy a few years back when we were about to have our first book ‘The Art of Eating Well’ published and looking for advice on wellness retreats to re-boot in advance of a whirlwind of press junkets. Not only did she pull off organising a trip for us in record time but she really made the effort to get to know us personally; providing very considered recommendations and carefully tailored trips. She’s facilitated dreamy retreats for us to Song Saa and Kamalaya whom I’m told have been really pleased to reach the Hemsley & Hemsley networks via our blog and social media channels plus articles we’ve placed in the likes of Vogue and Condé Nast Traveller. Not only has Daisy become our ‘go to’ for travel advice but also a great friend who has championed our business endlessly and connected us to all sorts of interesting networks and experiences. We’re already looking forward to our next project together!

Lucy Williams

Blogger - Fashion Me Now

Daisy and her brilliant team have always been a joy to work with and I always know I’m in for a treat when I head for a BIRD hotel. Both down-to-earth and creative in their approach, we’ve always been able to chat openly and honestly in order to get the most out of trips for both of us. From skiing in Gstaad and sight-seeing in Seville, to the tea plantations and surf breaks of Sri Lanka, we’ve been to some incredible places with BIRD and regularly catch up over coffee to try and plot the next adventure together. I think it’s always a good sign when press trips go beyond just work and I’ve directed many a friend to BIRD hotels over the years as well as singing their praises on my professional platforms.

Emily Mathieson

Editor — Elite Traveller

I have worked with BIRD on a variety of projects over the last few years and with Daisy even longer when I was Word of Mouth editor at Condé Nast Traveller. I have always found them an absolute delight to work with: reliable, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, honest and realistic. Their passion for travel and utterly professional outlook make them my favourite PRs to work with and this is evidenced by the scale and frequency that their clients feature on my pages.

Emily Johnston

Blogger — Fashion Foie Gras

I’ve been lucky enough to work with BIRD on a number of projects and have been floored by the level of commitment and passion that Daisy and her team have for their clients. My trips with BIRD have been some of the most well planned and informative that I have yet to experience. And I can safely say their level of knowledge of their clients and efforts in sharing this knowledge is unparalleled.

Juliet Kinsman

Editor-in-Chief — Mr & Mrs Smith

There are publicists who work on behalf of their clients to disseminate their key messages (whatever they may be) and regardless of the quality will upsell whatever it is that brand or company needs promoting. And then there is Daisy Bird. As a travel writer who has known Daisy for over a decade, I have come to trust her taste, rely on her efficiency and enjoy her intelligent informed company. As founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith, I value curation and taste very highly and what I respect most about Daisy is her unrivalled integrity. When it comes to style, luxury and the boutique hotel space, there are too many products that use these labels undeservedly. If Daisy represents a hotel, I quite simply know it’s worth writing about and that my readers will in turn thank me for my recommendations: which is refreshing in PR as, let’s be honest, every publicist has had to oversell some duds in their day. Not Daisy. I’ve spent time with Daisy in the company of her clients in meetings and on press trips and she is admirably direct – always for the benefit of the client’s brand and their long-term reputation. She thinks laterally and holistically – far beyond the realms of traditional PR – considering their brand strategy, customer journey and guest experience. She doesn’t just achieve column inches but connects hoteliers to hard-to-reach influencers to get their properties talked about within the right networks, and helps them keep their product and their communications on-brand to achieve the best commercial results.

Claire Wrathall

Contributing Editor — Financial Times

PRs whom journalists are genuinely glad to hear from are rare, but Daisy Bird is one of very few I’m always delighted to be in touch with. Her communications are well targeted and researched, interesting and often useful. She appreciates what journalists need, knows what’s useful and does not waste our time. She is personable, well informed, highly efficient, understands how media work and that deadlines are immovable. I rate her very highly indeed.

Kerry Smith

Editor — BA High Life

When I joined High Life as Editor in 2006, I had no background in travel and Daisy was one of the first PRs to get in touch and introduce herself. Since then, I have worked with BIRD on some brilliant stories, which have often generated five- to six-page features where their clients have been a substantial part of the story. They have amazing contacts, instinctively know what makes a great story for each magazine and are incredibly professional. We always love working with them!

Daisy Finer

Editor — Condé Nast Traveller Spa Guide

Daisy and her team are among the sparkiest, most efficient and honest PRs out there. They are passionate about what they do, have great style, understand both the travel business and how journalism works. Crucially, they know what is newsworthy. I couldn’t think of a better ambassador.

Mary Lussiana

House & Garden, FT How To Spend It, Daily Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveller

BIRD is one of the rare PR agencies who does their best for both clients and journalists. They are passionate about travel and meticulously ensure that journalists who visit their clients get the whole destination picture, opening doors and providing contacts where possible. I have travelled in Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and within Europe with BIRD and always found that I have returned much the richer, both in terms of storyline and exposure to the culture of the country.

Natasha Corrett

Founder and Author of Honestly Healthy

Daisy is a dear friend who I respect enormously for her expert knowledge of the travel and spa industries but also her agency’s creative approach to working with brand ambassadors and digital influencers.  I’ve visited a number of her clients’ resorts which has resulted in multimedia exposure via the Honestly Healthy networks – in the form of blogs, videos and social media outreach – but also guest referrals, as her recommendations have always been so spot on.